Workplace Harassment Investigations

Key Provisions - Provinces and Territories (2017)

Workplace Harassment Investigations

Employers are often criticized for their failure to conduct proper workplace investigations. The problem isn’t that the employer hasn’t investigated; but that the investigation was flawed, inadequate or biased. Workplace investigations are a mandatory in cases of alleged workplace violence and harassment. Done well, a workplace investigation can save the organization money and resources, as well as, ensuring the health and safety of employees.

"I want to thank you for your comprehensive report. Your findings and
associated recommendations are relevant and specific. I particularly
appreciate the fact that you were able to respond so quickly to our
situation, gaining the trust of the employees, as well as, their manager”-
Unitel Canada Communications Inc.

Investigations are neither casual or arbitrary. They require a skilled investigator with the personal attributes to quickly engage the parties, methodically collect and assess information resulting in a well formulated opinion. Each of these steps are important and interconnected.

“It can be said that the success of many of the sessions are in fact due
to Glenn’s contribution and genuine concern...Participants have
commented time and time again on the dynamic style and the way all
information is presented and how Glenn builds a very positive rapport
with all participants "- Training & Development Canada, Public Service Commission of

French has over 40 years of clinical experience with advanced training in workplace investigations including report writing and oral presentations. He has been called upon by organizations throughout Canada to conduct investigations into alleged cases of sexual harassment, personal harassment, violent threats and the abuse of power.
Mr. French’s interviewing skill is amplified by his knowledge of Canadian legislation and his extensive experience in drafting violence and harassment prevention policies across jurisdictions. He is intimately familiar with the legal requirements of acceptable investigations and is often called upon to consult legal teams.

“Thank you for freeing yourself to facilitate the two-day symposium at
the Ontario Fire College. It was quite a fruitful two days in the end. We
did accomplish more than I thought possible. Your objective view helped
crystallize some of our thoughts.” - Office of the Fire Marshal, Ministry of the
Solicitor General