Policies and Procedure Development

The sad reality is that the lack of well-written policies and procedures can lead to court action. Regardless of the jurisdiction in which you work, be it provincial or federal, your organization is required to have clearly defined policies and procedures which guide your violence and harassment prevention efforts, while at the same time, provide employees and leaders with clear direction should they encounter behaviors-of-concern. Policies and procedures are an essential part of your overall Occupational Health and Safety obligations and should never be ignored or minimized. 

Although some organizations prefer to write their own policies and procedures; many are becoming increasingly concerned about the legislative and legal complexities, preferring to engage our expertise to address any number of demands which may include responding to ministerial orders, avoiding litigation or complying with new legislation.

Given our extensive experience and proven track record, U.S. and Canadian employers turn to us to write policies and set procedures, conduct policy reviews and respond to legislative audits. You can expect policies that are tailored to your unique environment and meet your Occupational and Safety obligations, including U.S. operations in Canada. You can be comforted to know that we will stand behind our work, alerting you to any regulatory changes that warrant attention in the future. This is our commitment to you.