Litigation Support

Regretfully, even the best efforts can face legal challenges whether in the courts or tribunals. Mounting an effective defense or launching a credible challenge should be done in a manner as to minimize costs, while at the same time ensuring a safe workplace. The parties should take into consideration concerns about funding, case management by the court/tribunal, trial costs, and the growing use of alternative dispute resolution.

Regardless of whether you are the litigant or defendant, your success will be dependent on credible and informed expert testimony. It is critically important that you engage a recognized expert with a working knowledge of the law, occupational health and safety regulations and the mental health impacts that workplace violence and other forms of abuse can have on victims, witnesses and the workplace. Given that your corporate or individual reputation is at risk, now is not the time for shortcuts.

Organizations, unions and individuals take advantage of our consultation and advocacy services, either to prepare for court action, during proceedings or when launching an appeal. This applies to all forms of litigation, grievances or WSIB appeals, to name a few. Our objective is to ensure that, whoever the client, their interests are well served by bringing forward current research and best practices. We want to make sure that your legal strategy is informed, focused and cost-effective.

In addition to consulting directly with you and your legal team, we make available our extensive list of content experts who are available to provide direction and support on a wide range of issues, including but not limited to corporate security, mental health concerns, disability challenges and legal considerations.