Training and Education

The overriding goal of any workplace violence and harassment prevention program is to ensure that employees and leaders know what to do should if they encounter or witness behaviors-of-concern. The benefits of “informed” action include: minimizing risk and injury, reducing short and longer-term disability costs, and increased morale and productivity, to name just a few.

Taking decisive action at a time-of-need is the cornerstone of any occupational health and safety prevention plan; one which will pay dividends in employee well-being over the long term, making you an employer of choice. 

Simply telling employees and leaders that they are subject to your organization’s policies and procedures is not enough. All staff, regardless of their position, must have a working knowledge of their rights and responsibilities. Occupational Health and Safety legislation require you to provide training for all current and incoming employees; training that is tailored to your work setting and provides participants with the practical steps that they should take if ever victimized. 

Increasingly, employers are called-to-task because the training they provide is superficial, lacks clarity or is inconsistent. For a training program to be considered acceptable, participants must demonstrate that they have acquired the requisite skills or knowledge. In addition, course content should be consistent and monitored to ensure that employees at all levels of the organization are adequately trained and oriented on a routine basis, including new hires, contractors, students and interns. Workplace violence, as an occupational risk, is evolving and so too must your training.

We are routinely retained by Canada’s leading organizations who are concerned about the well-being and safety of their employees. Organizations have turned to us to develop and provide relevant training for both managers and employees. You can be assured that any training program that we develop, provide or support must be relevant and provide the host organization with a well-defined audit trail. The days of only providing employees with a quick "lunch and learn" orientation is over and will not satisfy your “Due Diligence” requirements.

We have decades of expertise developing web-based training and in-class instruction, depending on your need. If you prefer to develop your own program, you may wish to consult with us regarding content and delivery.